Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bell and Gossett Hydronic Specialty Pumps in NJ

When you are in need of pumps, pump parts and pump accessories, look no further than Pump Express. We are the nation’s leading pump and parts supplier. We stock many types and brands of pumps, including Bell and Gossett hydronic specialty pumps in NJ. We can deliver any of our pump products right to your door.

It may be tough to find replacement parts for tank pump valves, but we stock Bell and Gossett hydronic specialty pumps in NJ and sell them at a discounted rate. Since Pump Express is a distribution warehouse, we skip the middleman and pass the savings down to you.

Bell and Gossett tank purge valves are a combination of full port ball type isolation valves and drain valves. They are used to connect the system to the expansion tanks. This allows tanks to be easily serviced without needing to drain the entire system.

We stock any pump that you may need. If you would like any more information on Bell and Gossett hydronic specialty pumps in NJ or any of the other pump parts that we sell, call our pump hotline at 1-800=298-4100.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lawn Sprinkler Pumps in NJ

   There are many different parts to your lawn irrigation system. The one people recognize the most are the retractable sprinkler heads, but under every lawn is an intricate system of pipes and valves. The sprinkler controller acts as the brain of the sprinkler system. It tells the valves when to open, how much water to use and when to shut off. The sprinkler pump acts as the heart of your sprinkler system. When the controller switches it on, it provides the pressure needed to lift the sprinkler heads and provide your lawn irrigation.
At Pump Express, we stock high-quality, reliable lawn sprinkler pumps in NJ, such as:
  • Berkeley Lawn Sprinkler Pumps
  • Sta-Rite Lawn Sprinkler Pumps
  • Blue Angel Lawn Sprinkler Pumps
  • Zoeller Lawn Sprinkler Pumps
  • Goulds Lawn Sprinkler Pumps
  • Grundfos Lawn Sprinkler Pumps

   Pump Express has been providing NJ lawn sprinkler pumps for years. Through a determined and factory-trained staff, we are able to provide our customers with the innovative and cost efficient products on the market today. Pump Express has all of your lawn sprinkler pumps in NJ needs. Call Pump Express today for any questions about our NJ lawn sprinkler pumps and one of our trained experts will help 1-800-298-4100.

Berkeley Centrifugal Pumps

   Centrifugal pumps act as most pumps do, converting mechanical energy to energy of a moving fluid. A portion of the energy goes into kinetic energy of fluid motion and becomes fluid pressure. Transferring energy from the mechanical rotation of the impeller to the motion and pressure of the fluid is usually described in terms of centrifugal force. They are often used to deliver water from a lower level to a higher level.
   Berkeley has been producing high quality pumps since 1937. The name Berkeley has stood for uncompromising quality and proven reliability. Berkeley centrifugal pumps are highly efficient pumps for your commercial and industrial needs.

   Pump Express carries a wide array of Berkeley centrifugal pumps for any application you may need. At Pump Express, we are determined to provide our customers with the most innovative and cost effective Berkeley centrifugal pumps. If you need system advice, pump parts or a new Berkeley centrifugal pump, our dedicated pump experts are able to help you resolve any issue. With over 500,000 square feet of fully-stocked warehouse space, we are able to ensure quick delivery times. 
   If you have any questions about Berkeley centrifugal pump, contact Pump Express at 1800-298-4100 to speak with one of our pump experts today.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pump Express Has Hartell Pumps for Sale

Hartell is a brand of condensate, wastewater, ice machine, and general purpose pumps that is trusted by contractors across America. Pump Express has Hartell pumps for sale, offering these dependable and affordable pumps for any need, of various sizes and designs for all purposes. Easily installed, and maintained, Hartell pumps are designed for quality and durability in any appilication.

Pump Express proudly offers the following Hartell pumps for sale:

  • Ice machine pumps
  • Circulator pumps
  • Sink pump systems
  • Condensate pumps
  • Solar pumps
  • Heating pumps
  • HVAC pumps

With this great selection of Hartell pumps for sale for residential and commercial use, there is no wonder why Pump Express is one of the nation’s leading pump and parts supplier. We carry pump parts for everything from major sewage treatments to twenty gallon fish tanks, so when you are looking at the Hartell Pumps for sale at Pump Express you are getting top quality at discount prices.

If you want to know more about the Hartell pumps for sale we have at Pump Express, contact us today by calling 1-800-298-4100. Our pump experts can always point you in the right direction, so get in touch with us today.

Sale on Myers Pumps

Pump Express is a distributor and national service center for the world's leading manufacturers of industrial pumps and pump parts. We always provide our customers with affordable, top-of-the-line products of today. Our trained and highly skilled pump professionals are ready to tackle any challenge you present us. Whether you need system advice, pump parts or a new pump altogether, our pump professionals will be able to help you with the most complicated pump system issues. Because we are a large pump distributor, we have a sale on Myers Pumps.

Founded in 1870 by brothers Francis and Philip Myers, Myers is a successful pump company that sells high-quality pumps for water, sewage, waste, electricity and much more. As one of their distributors, Pump Express has the authority to have a sale on Myers pumps. Our selection of Myers pumps includes grinder pumps, well pumps, self priming pumps, sewage pumps, jet pumps, sink pumps and many more. All of these pumps are guaranteed to successfully fulfill your pump needs.

At Pump Express, we offer sales and technical support for leading manufacturers of pumps and equipment alike. We want to make sure that our customer's best interest is always in mind. Because of this, we always offer a variety of different brands and types of pumps, all of which are at affordable prices. Our sale on Myers Pumps is sure to aid your quest in finding the perfect pump.

For more information on Pump Express or our sale on Myers pumps, call us today at (800) 298-4100.