Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pump Express Carries Zoeller Irrigation Pumps

Zoeller Lawn Sprinkler Pump - 330
The pump is a crucial and often overlooked part of your sprinkler system. Any time water is coming out of your sprinkler head, the pump is making it happen. Having the right pump for the job can be critical towards saving you money and conserving water, and at Pump Express you can now purchase Zoeller Irrigation Pumps to meet these needs. Our Zoeller irrigation pumps include:

Zoeller 2 Stage End Suction Pumps - NE 306, 307, 308, 309
- Featuring  a heavy duty motor from ¾ HP to 2 HP, this pump has a quick and easy self-priming operation, mechanical seal, and air volume control connection.

Zoeller End Suction Pumps - 300,301,302,303,304,305
- Made of durable cast iron, this pump has a wide variety of applications including pressure boosting, circulation, irrigation, water transfer, and lawn sprinkling. It is versatile enough for most needs and easily serviced.

Zoeller Lawn Sprinkler Pumps - 330,331,332,333
- This self-priming Lawn Sprinkler Pump is uniquely designed to allow for proper lawn saturation in areas where high water pressure isn't available. It is best suited for lawns, gardens, and general water transfers.

All of the Zoeller Irrigation Pumps that we carry at Pump Express feature motors ranging from ¾ HP to 2 HP, a mechanical seal, an air volume control connection, and a sleek, compact design allowing for use in tight places. All three pump models can be wired for either 115V or 230V to meet your specifications.

A pump is a pivotal part in your sprinkler system and it should operate in an efficient and effective way. At Pump Express you can find a variety of Zoeller Irrigation Pumps as well as a wide array of other major brand pumps and parts. To reach our Pump Hot Line, call 1-800-298-4100 and learn how Pump Express application experts can get your sprinkler system operating at the peak performance.

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