Friday, November 22, 2013

Wilo Pumps

Wilo Pumps started in 1872 and their dedication to quality and precision has made them one of the best pump manufacturers in the world. They are experts on pumping just about everything you could imagine. With a focus on the future of pumps, the company is heavily involved in research and development and marketing themselves as a pump system supplier rather than manufacturing individual parts.
Their motto, “Pioneering For You”, is short and to the point, emphasizing what has driven the company for almost two hundred years. The motto also symbolizes the company's aspirations to continuously improve knowledge and competence in order to further their innovation and technology.
Wilo Group also prides themselves on their environmental standards. They are committed to controlling and maintaining low emissions and minimizing the risk of spills by controlling, containing or eliminating. They also believe in the prevention of pollution and minimizing their overall impact on the environment, while striving for continual improvement.
If you are looking for pumps, choosing Wilo pumps is not only choosing quality but also choosing to protect the environment. Wilo pumps and pump systems can be found through distributors, such as Pump Express. Pump Express is a leading Wilo pump distributor, and has been stocking the world's leading producers of pumps and pump parts for nearly 30 years.

Pump Express

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