Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Grundfos Transfer Pumps

Grundfos transfer pumps create a difference in pressure, which moves water and other fluids from one location to another. They are often used for emptying large amounts of water, such as ones that can be found in waterbeds, pools, and hot water heaters.
These are the different types of Grundfos transfer pumps that the Pump Express catalog features:
  • Grundfos Electric water transfer pumps – These pumps are designed for moving clear water that is free of debris, such as your pool water.
  • Centrifugal water transfer pumps – These pumps use an impeller that revolves the fluid and increases the pressure within the pump housing. The pressure that is generated creates centrifugal force which discharges fluid from the pump. This pressure, kinetic energy is transformed into pressure. These are most commonly used when transferring water from a lower source to a higher level.
  • Waste water pumps – Just as the name implies these pumps are used for transferring waste water, while filtering out caustic debris. These are often used in agricultural settings where recycling water can drastically reduce costs.

Grundfos manufactures high-quality pumps for all your pumping needs and are available from Pump Express. If you are not sure what pump you may need, the experts at Pump Express can help you find the right  Grundfos transfer pump for you.

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