Monday, January 20, 2014

Pump Express: Distributor of Wilo Pumps

Wilo pumps and pump systems are known for the high levels of efficiency and reliability that come about through the innovative designs created by the company.

Wilo is a company that is a part of the international pumps market. The types of solutions that Wilo provides include products for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply, sewage disposal and wastewater treatment.

The company’s claim, “Pioneering for You” is geared toward creating efficient products for the company’s clients. Wilo pumps and pump systems are known to be created on a smaller scale, using less material to be made but still delivering high-quality performances.

Wilo products are also created to be even quieter, minimizing the amount of noise that can be heard when the pumps or systems are in use. Wilo products are also very durable, ensuring reliability to those who use these products.

Wilo pumps are equipped with intelligence software, which promotes efficiency and helps the products to work better than ever.

If you need Wilo products, Pump Express is the nation’s leading pump and parts supplier. Some of the types  of Wilo products we stock and distribute include:
·         Booster pumps
·         Circulator pumps
·         Effluent pumps
·         Environmental pumps
·         Heating pumps
·         HVAC pumps
·         Irrigation pumps
·         Process pumps
·         Recirculating pumps
·         Sewage pumps
·         Sewer ejector pumps
·         Sump pumps
·         Variable frequency
·         Waste water pumps
·         Well pumps

At Pump Express, we are a distributor of Wilo pumps that offer the lowest prices on a variety of pumps that are available on the market.

Pump Express

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