Thursday, October 10, 2013

About WEG Electrical Motors

WEG Pumps has continued to promote the same values of honesty, professionalism, personalized service and durable pumps as when it was founded in 1961. Named after the initials of the three founders, WEG is the largest electric motor manufacturer in Latin America and one of the world’s largest electric motor manufacturers currently. This company considers itself as much more than simply an electric motor supplier – they are the supplier of complete industrial electrical systems for any application, commercial, industrial or residential.

WEG motors supplies general purpose motors to the USA, Italy, Venezuela, Columbia, Chile, Germany, England, Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Singapore, India, Russia as well as the UAE. Some of the newest acquisitions for WEG include expansion to Mexico, China and South Africa, further advancing on the end goal of finding solutions to the water availability and cleanliness issues facing society in the modern era. WEG electrical motors are at the cutting edge of equipment in the pump and motor industry, and continued steps are always being taken to improve the sleek design and great functionality that these WEG electrical motors can offer. Distributors of WEG electrical motors are highly-sought because of the quality and durability of the goods.

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