Friday, October 18, 2013

Pump Maintenance Tips

Pump Express is a national leader in pump sales and distribution across America, but we can always help you before you actually need to buy a new pump. Here is a list of some useful tips that can prolong the life of your pumps and keep things flowing smoothly – allowing you to get the most out of what you have. When you do have a problem and need to buy pumps or pump parts, Pump Express has the skills and experience to help you achieve great results.
  • Listen for odd sounds. A clanking or knocking sound can indicate problems in the valve, the crankhouse, the piston rod, the bearing rod, or just about anywhere in your pump. Sounds alone can help you diagnose a serious problem.
  • Leaking oil or water leakage can be a sign of worn packaging, problems with the O-ring or a damaged seal. These are telltale signs of a damaged pump and should be addressed immediately.
  • Low pressure coming from the pump can mean any number of things. You should check your nozzle, adjust the belt, check for places where there is an air leak, and also check to see whether or not the water source itself is the problem. Some pumps are designed to make the most of low water pressure, and if this applies to your situation some additional research into these pump types is a sound plan.

At Pump Express we are a dealer and pump distributor of all the leading pump brands, and we bring you parts and service for whatever pump you have for any system you utilize. Do not hesitate to come to us today with your next pump question.

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