Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pump Express is a Little Giant Pumps Distributor

Little Giant Pumps are as sturdy and dependable as pumps come, and Pump Express is happy to bring these phenomenal products to our customers at our ever-affordable prices. Little Giant Pumps have ideal residential, light pumps and commercial pumps for pumping water to suit any need. Additionally, Little Giant electrical motors are strong and efficient, making them a sought-after product for many.

Pump Express is a Little Giant Pump distributor throughout America and we remain the Nation’s leading pump parts supplier and distributor of this quality brand and many other high-end products. Little Giant Pumps from Pump Express can work both under water and fully submerged or our other models can pump water quickly and effectively from point A to B for your next project.

We stock recirculators, solar pumps, HVAC pumps, heating pumps, pond pumps, sewage pumps and countless other models of Little Giant Pumps for our customers, supplying you with solutions for waste water, drinking water, pond water or anything else you need to transfer and pump water for.

For information about any of the world-class pumps we offer, contact an expert at Pump Express and find out why we are leading the industry.

Pump Express


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